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Freedom, it is all speculation on our point, however it would not be unreasonable for troops to be at locations away from family and communication systems interrupted just because of the situation/s you described. As the old saying goes, “There is nothing new under the sun” in this case meaning, militaries have dealt with the situation you describe and take it into consideration.

What I believe will be the real turning point is how the average citizen responds, if they are herded like cattle and go willingly or if they defy orders to be herded as example. If people cooperate then it will take longer for troops to decide people are being treated poorly and they didn’t sign up for it. Think New Orleans and the “refuges” held in the stadium as example.

“Some of us will not know who are the good guys and who are the bad. That will be the other problem. – See more at: http://community.shtfschool.com/forums/topic/is-survival-in-an-urban-setting-even-possible/page/8/?bbp_reply_to=15983&_wpnonce=1534ea869a#new-post

That is the truth, looking for good people is difficult now, throw in shtf with people on edge, hungry, distrustful, mean, hate filled, small group/gang mentality, off meds, etc., and there are serious problems!

Yeah Malgus’ post rings true, agreed!