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“Alas, I think that when TSHTF, most troops – over 85% – will either fire on citizens, follow unconstitutional and illegal orders, or will act in their own best interest instead of the best interest of others (looting, instead of stopping looters, etc), same as the NOLA cops did. They either went over the hill with their equipment, used their position and authority to chase away looters (thus leaving the most valuable loot for themselves) or acted in their own self-interest instead in the best interest of others.

“Training” has little to nothing to do with it… it’s their power and position and heavy weapons.

EDIT: The other problem I have is with those who say “Well, they didn’t make the law. They were just enforcing it.” Yeah, well guess what? “President” Obongo scribbled on a piece of paper that says the US Government can, for any reason – or NO reason – just roll in and take my stuff. My water. My land. My crops. My livestock. Because they said they could. Guess that’s “the law” of the land, too.

Guess what’s gonna happen if they try that bullshit?”

Malgus, that is one of the most accurate and realistic posts I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. I edited down the quote only to save space. It is factual and gives real life example of what has already happened in the USA. I will also add that what went on looking for the boston bombing suspects shows just what people are willing to let happen to them by so called authorities!

I have a very good friend, retired army, he always tells me that if things get bad most military will back the constitution. I’m always skeptical because our history shows otherwise, your example presents one of the real examples of what is bound to happen. Add to that it has been decades since he served, peoples knowledge of our history is even weaker now. Again your example shines through demonstrating what I believe would be accurate.

Things may change after time in a bad situation however that could be after many, many months, and in those months things could/will be come drastically different then today or when real bad times begin. If we entertain the idea that there is a plan to create bad times then we must also entertain those creating the plan will be ready to execute their plan from the onset, blitzkrieg if we will…

Selco may be able to give a better idea of how quick in his situation things changed and how organized the change was…?