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thanks for the info, the more I hear the more I try to get out of my own complacency, which isn’t hard to get into.. On the topic of sickness, a friend was just assaulted in her house, she found the door ajar and her small dog yapping at the top of the stairs, she knew something was amiss, but decided to go get her dog at the top of the stairs, she was on the phone with our other friend at the time. Suddenly all my friend heard was a thud and a struggle, she dropped the call and called the police, the girl was beaten pretty bad, strangled with a hitch knot and tied to the bed, her clothes were ripped off, the dude threatened to kill her dog after he raped her, but my friend made up a story and told this dude that there was money in the wallet downstairs, well he took the bait, left for the purse, she yanked off the rope and skin and grabbed her dog and jumped out the second story window, escaping to her neighbors house, the police showed up and caught the guy, a lifetime criminal with a history of taking liberties with children, he told the police that he staked her out for three days..This story helps keep me aware and helps me re-eval my own house and families safety.