Food is a weapon. Seen it before. So has Selco and at least one other of us here in the forums that was in Mogadishu. “Support me and my regime, and you get food. Don’t support me, and you will watch your wife and children starve to death.”

Thing is, the continental United States comprises a gargantuan amount of land. Truly huge. If you counted everyone in the US Army – from burger flippers to gas pumpers and everyone in between (not just the combat arms folks) – you get maybe 1.5 million people. That’s everyone. There’s more than 100 million armed citizens in the US. Even if even 10% stood up and resisted, that is still a ratio of almost 7 to 1. We can’t even control puny countries like Afghanistan and Iraq a fraction the size of the US. Them thinking it will be a cakewalk would be a serious mistake I am more than willing to let them make.

Besides, the food has to come from somewhere. Soldiers are not farmers. Someone has to till, sow, irrigate, harvest and ship the crops. Even in the land of Big Ag Superfarms. If you start corralling up the farmers, taking their livestock, crops, their water, etc, that would be like killing off your breed stock. You’ll eat well for a short time, but in the end, you will still starve to death.

I do not think “they” will be able to rely on all our troops to do their dirty work. At least some will go over the hill and take their toys with them. 15% – Enough to matter, anyways. There just won’t be enough left to do the job. Meaning, just like ancient Rome hired mercs to do the dirty work, “they” will hire the Chinese, the Mexicans, even the Russians… and pay them using the oldest trick in the book – land. Keep the land of the man you kill. So long as you remain loyal to your master…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1