Folks are worried about the military for more than one reason. The first being – they got the biggest and nicest toys. The second being – there is little reason to trust the active duty troops at this point.

Now, before anyone hunts me down and burns me at the stake, hear me out.

When I was active duty – which was for most of my adult life – I often asked my fellow soldiers, and then later on my troops, if they could tell my anything about the Founders, their vision, the Constitution, etc. Perhaps one in ten could, even though all of us had sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution. It was the rare soldier or NCO who included a dictatorial government in the definition of “enemies foreign and domestic“…

Later on, when I was watching New Orleans self-destruct after Hurricane Katrina (along with everyone else in the US), I saw a mid-level management puke from the thoroughly corrupt New Orleans Police Department issue the completely unconstitutional order that “nobody was allowed to have guns but the cops”. Mid level pukes in a corrupt police department do not have the power to suspend the constitution all by their lonesome. Yet, of the thousands of troops that poured into New Orleans after the hurricane hit, exactly ONE small unit of perhaps company strength refused to go door to door, illegally confiscating privately owned weapons. That unit was quietly moved out of the area and replaced with another unit that didn’t have a problem blindly following unconstitutional orders… the young bucks were eager to kick in doors and crack heads.

Afterwards, sometimes years later, those same young bucks that did such a great job pissing all over the constitution and wiping their asses with it expressed severe remorse at being used like that. Except for that one small unit that balked at what were undoubtedly illegal and unconstitutional orders, NONE OF THEM did anything to stop it. Or even question what they were doing.

Us vets who have a problem with things like this have seen this before… it takes exceptional courage to stand up to illegal and unconstitutional orders. Because either way, no matter if you are right or wrong, you WILL be Court Martialed. So, either most troops don’t care, are so pig-ignorant of the constitution they don’t know, or are so scared of being Court Martialed they won’t do the right thing. Seen it before. Just putting on a uniform does not make a moral or honorable person out of a dirtbag. It does not impart super powers or morality or honor or anything. Those have to be present before the uniform goes on.

Alas, I think that when TSHTF, most troops – over 85% – will either fire on citizens, follow unconstitutional and illegal orders, or will act in their own best interest instead of the best interest of others (looting, instead of stopping looters, etc), same as the NOLA cops did. They either went over the hill with their equipment, used their position and authority to chase away looters (thus leaving the most valuable loot for themselves) or acted in their own self-interest instead in the best interest of others.

“Training” has little to nothing to do with it… it’s their power and position and heavy weapons.

EDIT: The other problem I have is with those who say “Well, they didn’t make the law. They were just enforcing it.” Yeah, well guess what? “President” Obongo scribbled on a piece of paper that says the US Government can, for any reason – or NO reason – just roll in and take my stuff. My water. My land. My crops. My livestock. Because they said they could. Guess that’s “the law” of the land, too.

Guess what’s gonna happen if they try that bullshit?

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1