Interesting article. Who is really behind much of the instability in the world? Even if groups of people truly want freedom, who is stirring them up–the ones who plan to rule them later? I for one don’t trust the surface of things, esp as reported on the liberal media. And I am slow to trust anyone any more. Esp our own govt. Keep my ears pricked for the ulterior motive…

Plus what they say about good intentions with bad results, is also true. We do mission work among the poor in India. We found we have to be careful as to how and what we do. Giving “stuff”, whether in India or Mexico or whatever, feels good to our people from the USA who see their abject poverty. But, it can also cause jealousy and conflict. (Think back to the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy” involving how a tossed Coke bottle changed a tribe.) They begin to get “cargo theology” like some in PNG. What will the foreigners bring us? How can I corner the market and get rich? (This is evident in the relief efforts in Africa, where the warlords take over the UN supplies and use them for control.) So, what are the long-term consequences of what we do in India? Will it elevate the health, education, hope and spiritual needs of the people long-term? Will it make a better society as a whole or just benefit a few power-greedy?

But, we must also be careful and realize that giving some people hope–who have been in generational slavery–WILL destabilize the status quo for a while. Think American Revolution. The end result was the greatest country in the world (until recently). I know an upper caste Indian woman who is writing a book on how help to the Dalit (Untouchables) from missionaries like us has upset the thousands of years of Indian culture. True from her perspective…but how about the hopeless Dalit whose only purpose for 4 thousand years, was to sweep her streets in the night, clean out her latrines, unstop sewage lines, and live in garbage dumps?

Yes, too, the govt is viewing possible instability from dissenters as being the same as foreign invasion. It will threaten their power. (That is the surface/political reason Jesus was crucified.) This is why we are being herded into sheep pens, choked by govt regulations, enslaved by debt and drugged with virtual IT realities… I think more people know more about sports, movies and video games than they do about world events. Or even what is happening in DC at the moment.

Maybe some of my post is off-topic. But this article has many far-reaching ramifications…