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Whatever Military is left is going to be the only threat out here in my neck of the woods. By the time people make here they will have had to make their way from Dayton, Vandalia, Tipp City, Troy, Piqua, Houston, and Newport. Vandalia being the last Urban Area.

Tipp, Troy and Piqua are all in the Great Miami River and I don’t see many ppl leaving a source of water and food (fish and deer are all over the banks) as soon as shtf. People from Dayton and Vandalia prolly won’t try and make a run for it until they have exhausted their weeks worth of food and realize the govt isn’t coming to help. Hungry and lacking nutrition they are gonna have to fight their was here to my lil town with only 1 main drag that cuts through the middle of town.

There are miles between my town and any other so we’ll be able to see anyone coming from a ways off. Put ppl on the shops and upper floors of their homes with weapons and it’s a beautiful ambush site. Once they roll in block the exits with beater trucks and finish em off.

This is Ohio. It’s the land of AR’s… and my MP15, Saiga AK-47 (uncoverted). Not to mention our deer and Turkey guns.