A friend, Bruce Beach of Ark Two, sent an email today to a bunch of folks. I wanted to give the complete section but this will have to do:
“7. It all comes down to money. Not just money but currency. What is going to be the World’s currency? At the moment it is the US dollar but on June 8th (that is THIS Monday) Russia is opening its own oil exchange to trade crude oil and petroleum products for rubles and gold. This is the NUCLEAR BOMB of the financial world.

8. An agreement has already been made between Russia and China, signed just last week, and now you can see in #6 above what is happening with Iran. This is also the subject with Syria, and there are many other countries in the world being courted who may jump on the band wagon to be in the oil trading business with Russia. Europe will be needing Russia’s oil come winter.
China has already established direct currency exchanges with Japan and other nations.
Monday should be interesting.