I think we’re looking at “farm control” from the wrong standpoint.

Boots on the ground, never work.

Economic control works.
No money to plant, no money for fuel, the farmers cave.
The big ones especially. Theyve been operating on credit for years.
If the banks didn’t lend them the money every year, nothing would happen. All they have to do is change the loan requirements.

Power? No power to run the pumps, no water for the fields (sprinkler irrigation), just raise the tax on ag power.
No crop means no farmers.

Water, they’ve been fighting for control of this for years.
Get rid of flood irrigation because it depletes the streams or pollutes something, and tax the sprinklers and suddenly only the midwest farmers are left. Just tax them into compliance.

Heck in many cases, taxing farmland higher would put a number under now.

What so many forget in their head for the hils dreams, is that certain areas are nigh on useless 90+% of the time.
Farmland? Most of the year there’s nothing to eat. And when there is, its unprocessed grains and such. Your average farmhouse doesn’t contain that root cellar of food anymore, too much work on top of a regular job.

Most of the farmers I know/knew have less in their pantries than most of us. One has the makings for baloney sandwiches and cereal on hand. Thats it. He eats in town every night, can’t cook to save his life, andis 75. Why change now.

City folk want to head for utopia? Good luck.
There is a reason historically that people in bad times head to the cities.