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I do agree with you on the superdome so how will they secure over 200 million in all the cities? Don’t think so.

This is why the cities will go out to the farmlands, of all the cities 1 or 2 million will get to the farms. Many will be x military and x police that will be looking for food. It is not only the criminals and gang members.

Sure the farmers would be able to defend them self but some of these x military when they get shot at they will shoot back that is all I am saying.

I have an example of a man I started to talk to in a Wal-Mart. I said him if he had seen any 22 LR ammo any were. He tells me that he is only buying whatever they have and then shows me an image on his iPhone of a room in his house with ammo. The room was full. He said he had about $40,000 in ammo. I told him what are you doing about food and water. He just looked at me like what are you talking about type of look.

So what is that guy going to do with all that ammo and no food stored in a SHTF? Go hunting! and not for deer!

Their must be many like this guy that all they do is buy ammo.