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Whirlibird, In Russia and Cuba they took the farms over and the farm production went down 90%. Do you think the Communist cared? NO! They just wanted that 10% so there communist army can live on. The do not care about the people.

95% of Cuba is farmland so why are the people going hungry? Because the government took all of the farm production for there group of communist. The communist in Cuba live well and the top communist live like kings.

The Russians were the same. In Russia right now it has changed some but with Putin it may go back to being everything owned by the government.

Communism works by control of the people. The easiest way is though food control. What happens is people are hungry and all day long all they think about is food. What food will I get today. The government the food then they control the people.

The problem is that the American public has never had Communism so they really do not know how it works.

If there is a SHTF and a Dictatorship or Communist takes power then there first move will be control of all the food supplies even the small farms. It is much easier to control the farms then it is to control all the cities.