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tweva, I think that the numbers are high that the farms will get hit big time by many directions including the federal government not just the city people. In the cities there are many hunters and x military that will also go out to find food so the farmers problem will not be just gangs that do not know the rural areas. I live in Miami which is not close to many farmlands but I know personally about 20 hunters, x military, and x police guys that go hunting every two to three weeks. So I think that a city of 2 million may have 50,000 hunters at less so add that to all the cities with a total of 200 million people and you got another group to look at which maybe 500,000 hunters in the cities that will know how to go to the rural areas.

When talking to them many say that they will leave the cities in the beginning of a SHTF to the farmlands. These x military will be looking for food too!

Again what I am saying is farmland will be hit hard for food! Everyone in the cities are not just going to die there. There are over 200 million people in the cities so if 1% get out well that is only a 2 million man army.