We should define what we mean by city. It seems to me that there is no hard line between rural vs. city. The ‘city’ I’m in is a town of about 38K people within a larger area (6 counties or so) of a few hundred thousand. Some of the concepts discussed here (lack of food, sanitation issues, etc) certainly apply to my area. Others do not (there’s plenty of water, no gangs (at least not yet), etc). This is very different from cities like L.A., NYC, Houston, Chicago, etc. where people are packed in like rats. It’s also very different from wide open areas, national parks, etc..

There’s also the character of the population to consider. In my town, like many across the country, the population is aging. This will bring it’s own set of challenges and opportunities.

One more additional factor is the presence (or absence) of government installations, military bases, etc. We have some large government installations but they are not military bases, they are largely civilian.

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