Not gonna argue semantics, politically we need to hit a middle ground and soon.
Too much conservatism is just as bad as too much liberalism (call it what you will).

Tsar, chill out, take a breath and realize that while many of your age group are “out there”, they are still at a point in life where they can learn.

There has been no golden era, its always been work to get ahead and succeed. The fifties were a period of both conflict and recovery. The post WWII years, Korea, everyone trying to rebuild and advance.
The red scare, communism, McCarthy, it wasn’t all Leave it to Beaver.

My grandfather and I spoke of this many times from the 80s through the early 2000s. I have the .22 rifle that fed the family post WWII for the lean years, and there were more than a few.

There are always those that grow up, it may take a shtf event for that to happen, but you may be surprised who rises to the occasion.
Many times its the person you’d least expect.

Those that don’t grow up, well that’s too bad for them.
Do not collect 200 dolars, do not pass go.

Focus on the future and what you can make of it, both with and without a shtf event.