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foodforthought, this FEMA **** is well known by many in the cities, they will head to the farmlands for food. But do not think that FEMA will protect the farmers. FEMA has plans to take over farms and food. They are not going to just sit back and not grab all the farms. FEMA will work like Dictators and take what they want!

The government doesn’t care about the farmers, they know that they are all Constitutionalists and the plan is to kill them.

They may even let the gangs do the job for them and then kill the gangs.

All I am saying is that the government doesn’t love the farmers so you need to understand this, that you will not be safe. They will come after all of you.

I am with the farmers even if I am in the city. I believe if the farmland is taken over by the government than we have lost the war for freedom.

So what I am trying to do is open all of your eyes to what may happen in the farmlands. Be ready for a government take over.