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Ghost Prime, Maybe you believe in this government but I don’t! The first thing the government will do is to get the food from the farmlands. The government and FEMA have plans for this for years on how to take over farmlands in a SHTF times.

If you think that the government will keep gang member in the cities to protect the farmers then you believe all the lies that this government is feeding you today. The government is a left wing government and what are the farmers? Not left wing right! So you think that they will protect the farmers from the cities?

I just do not see the government like this one sit back in a SHTF and not take the farmland away from the farmers.

I do not think it will be that safe in the farmlands at all. It will be safer were there is no food. The military will want to take over all food supplies for them self’s.

VinnyVoodoo, you are right the military will be at war with the gangs but they are not friends of the farmers ether and will take the farmlands for the food. This is the problem. When the SHTF they will not have anyone stopping them. I just do not think it is that safe as everyone thinks.

Let me make this clear, it will be a war in the cities but the farmlands will be hit very hard in all directions and the biggest one the farmers need to be on the look out for is the government not the gangs.