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freedom, I do agree that there will be no really safe place. My perspective is given that the cities will either be burned to the ground, will be destroyed by diseases or starvation, or will become what amounts to big FEMA concentration camps, it seems reasonable that the best place to be is in the country. So while the country will not automatically be safe, it should be relatively free from diseases as most of that in the city will be from lack of sanitation. It is also virtually impossible to burn the country to the ground so that is another justification supporting the country. It can’t be made into a FEMA camp as it is too large though there is a possibility that if the government does indeed gain control of the cities, they will at some time move into the country which at that point will become the battleground that will decide the outcome. I think that organized gangs will be everywhere as will smaller bands of barbarians.

In the end, I believe my chances are at least better in the country than in the city. Plus I would rather be fighting in the country from prepared defenses than be in the same scenario in a city. My preference in all this is that we do not have a collapse nor a war, but I believe that is foolish to think that as I cannot see a way around both of those events. Nevertheless, I pray daily that God will intervene on behalf of those of us who still worship Him.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!