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First the gangs are in the cities not in the jails, second the federal prisons are not in the cities, they are located in areas closer to the farmlands. Gangs are very organized since they are in the drug and every other illegal business there is. There was an news article about two years ago were they say that the gangs in the U. S. have more weapons then many countries armies.

But forget the gangs and the prisoners, what about the government? They are also going to take on the farmers for there foods. Also the people that are not criminals or gang members but run out of food too and are also armed, they will go to the farmland for food. Everyone that is alive will go to were there is food! Some of these people are hunters, x military, police, fireman, and government people. All will be hungry and will do anything to get food.

Like the stats say there is 300 million guns owned by 100 million people so when all though people get hungry they will go were there is food.

The cities are not just going to kill each other for what? If there is no food they will not be wasting ammo killing each our . They will leave the cities looking for food. Also with all the problems in all the cities do you really think that the military have time to take care of the jails? The government building in the cities will be on fire and they will need all the help they can get in the cities. The jail guards have families that need food too! They are not going to stay there, they will go home to there families and this guards will also go looking for food.

It will not be pretty any were you go. Hunger can change anyone.

So what I am telling you is do not think you are safe just because you are in the farmland areas. You will have to guard the area 24/7.