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I have thought for some while now that the west has hit “peak liberalism,” meaning we are approaching the farthest limit to how left wing a society can get (in the same way Germany in the 40s was peak racism/right wing). I imagine the new western world which may emerge after a good many of us have died, or at least lived through hardship would be……. new. Likely something a lot less idealistic in terms of abstract ideas and goals. In some ways, our present troubles have been building up ever since the real start of western civilization, with it’s ever slowly expanding scope of freedom.

Sure, (social) freedom is a good thing, but I feel we should have stopped somewhere around 1999. There are limits as well.

Looking back on my short life, I actually have some fond memories of the good ole’ 90s, mainly that not everyone was completely covered in pointless tattoos, and airport security was not legalized molestation (then again, I was only 4 or so….)

Take us back to the 50’s? At this rate, I would settle for the 1990s! :D