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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>undeRGRound wrote:</div>Don’t go there, Tsar…

We need people like YOU that know it is all fugged up, to stick around and help US make it BETTER!<br>
I have plans after SHTF BIG PLANS. You should too! I’m older, but youth is needed to make it work!

Too many youth in my opinion are too blindly left leaning in values. That is not to say tolerance is unimportant, or that I hate leftists (at least if they rationally articulate a position). But it seems a lot of our culture now (the youth) gladly celebrate the collapse of standards, and pray to the cult of diversity, and that this whole PC thing in universities and workplaces is getting out of hand.

Maybe even a bit sadder, is that I somehow feel that some of those diversity cult worshipers will turn into the worst SS style racists if/when bullets start flying.

I can’t see exactly right now how you/me/we can nudge society in the right direction. Then again I could be wrong.