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VinnyVoodoo, All that you are saying is good but when the thousands of gang members and jailed criminals that are let good from all the federal jails go to the farms that will not care about the other dead gang members or cars burnt on the road because like you said the cities are dead with no food so they know there is only one way to live and that is to take down the farms or die of hunger.

The farmers will kill many but there are so many gang members are armed better then the army is. What I am saying is that it will not be easy. You will kill 10, 100, 1,000 gang members but one will get though. Remember there will be no other place for them to go to find food.

What hunger does is make man into animals, even a good man so do not think it will only be gang members and criminals going to the farms. There will be many city people that are hunters too, there will be military service people looking for food and even some police officers that can’t find food. The farms will be targeted day and night.

There is just to many people in the cities, millions. For example a city like Miami, Florida has close to 3 million people, if 2 million die in a SHTF there is still 1 million people finding a way to hit the farms. That is a lot of people!

My view is it will be a mess every were.