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After 30 days of living in the cities these hands are going to start getting sick because not many that live there know about proper sanitation. Human waste and garbage are going to literally pile up (unless you actually believe the hands will form some kind sanitation dept among their ranks) and the flies landing on human waste and then on ppl and the food they eat is going to decimate the cities population.

I live in rural Ohio and can tell you from witnessing myself that when a farmer is sick or injured the test of the farmers in the area band together to tend the b fields and the flock without expecting anything in return.

Country folk are already a tribe because they already take care of each other.

You send the gangs to fight a bunch of hunters, woodsmen and farmers nd all that will be left is a bunch of dead thugs.

There cars will be burnt at the roads leading into town as a warning and an barrier.

If the gangs do by some chance run the farmers off then the farmers will WALK right back the next day to drag all their poisoned bodies out of their farmhouse. (Poison the booze, ya know the gangs will target that first).