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If one is to believe in the “climate experts consensus” then one is not following their history of “global cooling”, “global warming” and now because their record speaks for itself, “climate change” or following the money! All of the these “climate issues” can be fixed if people are taxed and corralled into cities and make massive sacrifices of their life styles. Does anyone notice the hypocrisy of what climate alarmist say versus what they do and how they live? Can we say agenda 21?

The article linked to above at Breitbart is very accurate as to what happens when a person does not join in the “scientific consensus” (an oxymoron if ever there was) of thought. The “scientific consensus” comes from money, if the “scientific consensus” outcome doesn’t agree with where the money comes from the funding dries up. These so called scientist have taken “science” out of it and turned it into “group think for money”! Money buys a lot of things and the science community, especially when it comes to weather, has been bought and paid, an any non-members attacked and discredited!

Remember science is about facts, verifiable and repeatable, not “consensus”, meaning “general agreement”. We can all agree the world is flat, that doesn’t mean it is just because we call ourselves “scientist” and agree the world is flat! Oh and one more thing, “peer review” is the same as “peer pressure”, meaning using a persons colleges to apply pressure upon individuals to join them or make them an outcast… Yep, grade school play ground tactics!