I’m not an expert. Just a man. But if you’ve got a small group, you’re gonna need more bodies. You need to hook up with other likeminded folks and form a good sized group.

Don’t wait around for someone to do something. Act. Be the catalyst. If anything, grab a map, draw a line around the area you want to hold, and then find a meeting place. Most churches will let you rent out their hall for a small donation. Print up a bunch of fliers welcoming folks in your zone to a meeting to discuss the things most important to you – food, water, mutual support, mutual protection and go around and stick them fliers in their mailboxes. Some will opt out, and that’s okay. Most probably won’t if you approach it correctly. Even turn it into a social – bring a portable grill and put on some good eats, couple cases of beer on ice to relax folks, with soda’s for the kids…

Let folks talk about what’s bothering them the most. You don’t need to go and drop the doomsday scenario on them – that will just scare the hell out of everyone… let them work it out on their own, in their own time. When you got a consensus, make a plan and stick to it.

Might want to invite some of them farmers behind you… at the very least, they got your back and at the most, they represent a potential source of food… plus, they’re probably needing someone to tribe up with as well…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1