We live in a small house on a small lot on the edge of a city (20K residents + 20K univ students.) Creek and farmland about two blocks to the south. It is a miracle we have a place to live due to losing everything from medical disasters. The neighborhood is mostly poor and not interested in anything more than a govt check, their beer, cigarettes and TV.

We can’t bug out due to my husband’s disabilities. Well, maybe. Have a travel trailer ready to go, but where? We have no family closer than 1200 miles away. Two friends about five miles away that might take us and our gear in…IF we can convince them that things are as bad as we think.

Very little money. Quite a bit of equipt and skills, but no one believes it in my husband’s case. He is extremely good at security/defensive tactics having done that for years with a high-risk security company (bodyguarding/asset protection etc with teams under him.) And a reloader/shooter, hunter etc. I know a lot about wild plant foraging, gardening (learning this area’s fine points), hunting, lots of experience butchering wild game and domestic animals. Other knowledge of how things were done in the old days, non-electric. But most people look at us and think we are useless old greyheads. He’s 64, I’m a very active 71.

Our mindset is that we just have to deal with what happens, and go down with an honor guard. Sometimes I read of everyone’s preps and BOLs and get discouraged. I guess we all die sooner or later. Preferably later… My husband wants me to escape/bug out while he covers me (in case of a mob attack etc), so I can help others with my knowledge. Can I live with that? Deserting him, in my mind?