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@Selco: thank you very much!
I will stick around and LEARN! I have a great help in another online friend, and I know he admires your work.
He has written a prepping manual, very good stuff. He did recommend SHTF school :D


I said “sub-urban” but that is a bit misleading. Behind our house??? Farm Fields. Empty. Another direction, there is a small trailer and a huge metal building, an unoccupied machine shop. (strange place for that, but it was there before zoning). The houses are like 150 to 200 feet apart. Not ideal, but not exactly a subdivision, either.
This area is 3 to 4 acre lots, and I am at least 100 yards off the main road. That being said, I have other factors to consider. Close proximity (1.5 miles) to a puddle-jumper airport. Could be problematic. IDK…

I guess listing these things will give me ammo with which to get the parents motivated ;)
Please give me more!

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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