Officers are told how to act.
By the citizens, the city councils, county commissioners, and many others.
Its even in the policy and procedure manuals, look to those for many of the issues.

So, once again it’s our fault? Or do you mean “the manuals” when you refer to “those”? Be more clear.

And you seem to be forgetting the concept of “delegation of authority”. Since one cannot give that which they do not possess, it stands to reason that ALL power comes from the citizenry. We allow others to act in our stead because we do not have the time to to do everything ourselves. By delegating others to act in our stead with our power, this in no way negates nor diminishes that power. Therefore, if “LEO’s” are allowed to have fully automatic weapons, explosives, chemical weapons, armored vehicles with gun ports, body armor and night-vision equipped precision rifles, then the citizenry is entitled to those things as well. Police are NOT holy avengers, nor are they due any special dispensation whatsoever – they are themselves citizens who are merely performing a service that we ourselves do not have the time to do ourselves. Yet, somewhere along the line, the fiction was created that police are the ONLY ones permitted to do that – that have that power. What a load of horse-****.

Like everything in life, there’s perspective. Without that perspective, that knowledge of what is really going on, what really happened, how fast everything happens, it is nothing but opinion.

Relativistic hogwash designed to obfuscate the real issue, which is specifically why SWAT teams were only used 3,000 times nationwide when they were first implemented back in the late 70’s/early 80’s, and over FIFTY THOUSAND times as of last year. For things as trivial as breaking up a card game or nonpayment of parking tickets.

A warrant, which is the usual phony-baloney reason why SWAT is usually deployed (serving those warrants, issued by a Judge based on the word of a crackhead CI, right?), is nothing more than a piece of paper signed by a Judge that says “I want to see this guy in my courtroom as soon as you can go fetch him”. That’s it. And moreover, you know that’s all it is. Deploying a bunch of adrenaline junkies dressed like ninjas and equipped with explosives, armor and automatic weapons for some parking tickets or to break up a card game is indefensible, and you know that too.

Just like you, and the authors, I have an opinion, mine is just tempered by my experiences. By having served high risk warrants, by having investigated child sexual assaults, by having to play the “Lone Ranger” instead of waiting for backup to arrive in 30 minutes. Sometimes it takes a long time to get all the facts and evidence together, by then everyone seems to have an opinion, and all too often based on rumor and stories rather than facts and evidence.

You’re not the only one here with experience. You seem to forget whom you are talking to. But that experience you and I have does not negate the opinion of anyone else. The police often withhold critical information, then turn around and blame others for having an opinion without having all the “facts” that they themselves are unwilling to release…

Nice try.

Show me the facts and if the officer committed a crime, intentionally broke the law, went beyond the law and I’ll be the first with the rope. But I demand facts not opinions and guesswork.

Again, nice try. You and I both know that anyone who goes against The Brotherhood will become a pariah. Persona Non Grata. Left hanging when you need it most because you will be viewed as a snitch at best and a turncoat at worst. Stand against The Brotherhood and your career is effectively over.

Hubris and arrogance? As one who was a part of a complaint by officers that got a corrupt chief fired, we tried to get him jailed but the DA refused to prosecute, who stood up to a neighboring chief and the DA in court, in favor of the suspect, am I arrogant about what I did? You tell me if I should be or not.

Yeah, hubris and arrogance. I called it and I stand by it. And you are confusing two different things – the first being the hubris and arrogance of your comment about those not having “been there and done that” not having the right to an opinion about the egregious actions of our overly-militarized police, or allowing them their opinion, but pooh-poohing it as not legitimate because they don’t do what you do for a living…

And that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you went against The Brotherhood. I went against our own as well, standing against a fellow MP NCO at his Court Martial because he sexually assaulted one of my troops, then lied about it, then tried to intimidate the female he sexually assaulted into silence. For that, I was rendered Persona Non Grata. But, its not like I gave a **** because I was short and there was very little they could do to prevent me retiring. I did, however, get hosed on a pretty prestigious award – the Meritorious Service Medal – as payback for standing against one of our own. Not like I cared about that, either… one of those, plus 5 bucks, will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. To me, it was the right thing to do.

But, again, you standing against your own has jack and **** to do with your original statement, and Jack left town.

You show me one of these articles where all the facts and information is given and we all can have an informed opinion and make the appropriate decisions and choices from there.

You show me where it’s okay to blow a toddler’s face off and paralyze him with a grenade, as is what happened in Atlanta recently.. defend that. Go on, I double dog dare you… I’m begging you try and defend it…

You will also note that I made no personal attack on anyone here.
My comment was on the article (s).

Maybe not anyone here, but your comment sure wasn’t about the article. Your comment – “Ah yes, another one sided dig at LE by someone who hasn’t been there or done that.” has nothing to do with the article (save to refer to it as a “dig”) and slams/attacks the author of the article (which you probably didn’t read anyway, otherwise you would have cited chapter and verse and rebutted specific points, which you didn’t) for not having “been there and done that”… and yeah, that is arrogant as hell, virtually clogged with hubris. Who are YOU to tell someone that their opinion isn’t legitimate?

And insinuating that I “attacked” you? It’s not an attack when it’s true. And your “them vs us” attitude goes directly to the problem – that cops think they are different, superior and better than everyone else simply by virtue of wearing a tin star…

Your move.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1