Actually in Wyoming, everyone can make misdemeanor arrests. Its a more enlightened state, and everyone carries a gun, no permit needed.

I don’t know who fed you that line of BS over the years, but where I grew up, everybody kept a gun behind the door and knew jow to use it. You were expected to take care of the trouble, if you could.
Is it better to let a paid servant take care of the problem, to limit your liability? Then and now.

There’s a Catch-22 going on here.
People want instantaneous LE presence, that is the expectation from 90% or better of the people, and they will raise holy moly when it takes a deputy 30 minutes to cross the county because the county commissioners cut the budget and the department can’t keep more than one deputy on through the night.

Instantaneous service requires more cops than any of us want or are willing to pay for. I don’t want it, and you certainly don’t.

People need to take responsibility for their actions as well as their defense. Get a gun, learn how to use it, learn the laws.

So why do I advocate leaving trouble to LE when you can?
Here’s a good reason, Zimmerman.
How many millions do you have laying around for a criminal defense? Do you want to be the one on the stand as the accused or the witness/victim?

We want the same things, you and I.
We are not so far apart.

Except that today my old badge has a mourning shroud on it for the NY Trooper who was intentionally run down and killed during a traffic stop the other day.