Officers are told how to act.
By the citizens, the city councils, county commissioners, and many others.
Its even in the policy and procedure manuals, look to those for many of the issues.

My response is that again we have a one sided witch hunt going on, no other opinions or explaination for these happenings is given. That its all LE’s fault.

In so many of these articles , the author seems to expect officers to stupidly put their lives at risk when a bit of caution is appropriate.

“Why did they shoot him, he was a good kid, he wouldn’t have used that gun he had been pointing at his ex girlfriend for hours”. He wouldn’t have shot those officers he pointed the gun at.

All LE is lumped together, in these articles, be they peace officers, swat or whatever.
Its the same as when DiFi lumps all patriots, militia nitwits, preppers, and the oklahoma bombers together.

I said been there done that, dang right.
Take offense at that? Why?

Like everything in life, there’s perspective. Without that perspective, that knowledge of what is really going on, what really happened, how fast everything happens, it is nothing but opinion.

Just like you, and the authors, I have an opinion, mine is just tempered by my experiences. By having served high risk warrants, by having investigated child sexual assaults, by having to play the “Lone Ranger” instead of waiting for backup to arrive in 30 minutes.
Sometimes it takes a long time to get all the facts and evidence together, by then everyone seems to have an opinion, and all too often based on rumor and stories rather than facts and evidence.

There’s a reason I don’t get involved in most discussions about LE abuses and investigations, because I’ve been a part of them, I know how the facts are commonly twisted by the media, the anti-LE types, and even the cops. Everyone twists the facts to fit their agenda and beliefs.

Show me the facts and if the officer committed a crime, intentionally broke the law, went beyond the law and I’ll be the first with the rope. But I demand facts not opinions and guesswork.

Hubris and arrogance? As one who was a part of a complaint by officers that got a corrupt chief fired, we tried to get him jailed but the DA refused to prosecute, who stood up to a neighboring chief and the DA in court, in favor of the suspect, am I arrogant about what I did? You tell me if I should be or not.

You show me one of these articles where all the facts and information is given and we all can have an informed opinion and make the appropriate decisions and choices from there.

You will also note that I made no personal attack on anyone here.
My comment was on the article (s).