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They are like hunters for home robbery. I think that at the beginning of an economical collapse the home robberies are going to go though the roof.

I think it is very interesting to see what’s going on in “lawless” places like Detroit where you dont even have a police force that can respond to all the crime. This will be the next step for many other places when things collapse.

I can say that response time varied even in my little department(s).
Depending on what was happening, being on another call, time of day/number of officers on duty, and distance response tives varied from seconds to hours. Seriousness of the call also played into it.

A barking dog call at 2am was handled with a different priority than a burglar alarm. Traffic accidents took priority over most other things.

If there was a threat to life, that call took priority over pretty much everything.

People don’t want a standing “Army” yet they want instantaneous response and results.