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I’m a big fan of Suarez International courses, though the owner has become enough of a jerk of late that I avoid Suarez courses if they are not taught by John McCreery in Ohio. (I’ve known John for years, and I will support him with my money. I recommend his classes highly.) The courses I’ve taken from John are excellent, and they are fighting courses and not just shooting courses. Recently several Suarez instructors broke away and are doing their own thing. Here are links:

Don Robison: http://dynamicresponsetraining.com/
Roger Phillips: http://www.fightfocusedconcepts.com/
Dr. John Meade: http://www.statdoc.com/

I recommend any of them highly. I’ve taken a combatives course with Eric Pfleger, but I can’t find his training information. I’ll post that as soon as I get it.

I wish you all success with this.