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Yep, you’re right. This article is definitely on point. I know I for one don’t have many uses for what passes as a police officer these days. Most I come across are either blatant cowards, semi-morons or both.

Just last night, for example, a patient came in to my ER by ambulance with a police escort who was reported to us by county radio as “combative”. He came in by stretcher, handcuffed. He was 72. He was having chest pain and had had several heart attacks already. The excuse the “officer” gave me was for “safety”. I don’t know who’s safety he was talking about because the cop was a roid-head looking dude and the poor old guy’s wrist has a fresh new skin tear. We, however, used our words and he was perfectly appropriate with us.

Either way, reports were filed (nothing will be done) and we let the cop know in no uncertain terms that he’s a p****, and the EMS crew are a couple of j***a**** for letting it happen. It’s not the first instance of coward, moronic cops I’ve witnessed and it won’t be the last.