Yeah it makes sense like all of you in the US, I also stay where I like it most (even though this isnt the best place for me once SHTF, but at least its not the worst either).

When I made the decision to leave the UK I had 4 countries short listed. Canada, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand. I settled on Sweden. Yes, selling everything and relocating is quite the challenge!

What made you do it? I know a bit from our private conversations how you live and it is very much in touch with nature. Was that the main reason for the move?

A true Kiwi speaking! :) Great to hear your take on this from the ground. Want to ship me some cheap icebreaker socks anytime soon? hehe

What I like about the country is they have no army. They spend that money on education.

Wow that’s quite interesting. I was always a bit bothered by everything South American because of all the bad news about crime and violence. Surprised to hear this.

Which brings up a point worth emphasizing: wherever one goes to live and you can be seen as an outsider, work hard to become involved in the community. Be kind, generous with your time and help, and speak well of people behind their backs. Do everything you can to become an accepted part of the community and seen as an asset; it may pay dividends when bad times come.

I think this can’t be emphasized enough. A well integrated guy with skills in a good community is probably better prepared than the local grumpy lone wolf who might have all the equipment but not enough hands to use all of it when its needed.

Just stay out of the jungle.

Jungle in South East Asia isnt as bad as in South America. Yeah, we do have a couple of snakes (cobras and such) and a bit of Malaria (mostly near hill tribe villages) but other than that there is little to worry about in the jungle. The bears are small, tigers are just a few left (unfortunately… beautiful animals) and thats about it. Even the local tarantulas are the smaller kind and usually hide in holes! :)

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")