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I’m in 15k on school loans and 5k on my car. So it could be worse. Fortunately, I FINALLY (after 2.5 years) landed a decent paying job (about 31k) that I will use to aggressively pay those loans down. Plus, Sundays are double time! haha can you say 12 hr shifts??

In the meantime, I have about $1000 in very hard assets, maybe $1400 in munitions etc, and extra food [separate from the group stash.] I will be paying the loans and stockpiling those assets. 401k? No thanks. I’d rather not have my retirement ‘nationalized.’ Sorry, sheeple. No easy money for you here.

I am very hopeful that I will be able to position myself pretty well for the coming storm, especially if it doesn’t bottom out all the way (ie, they manage to buy time by nationalizing the pensions etc. Who knows?)