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Hello all. New to the forum but am up to speed. I agree with Maltus (hope I spelled that correctly). Everyone with any kind of family or home to hold will require a tribe. We will need the help of some good neighbors. And in planning your defense, be sure you have the firing lanes worked out in advance. In the event of an alert, every adult and big kid must know their responsibilities. Everyone must hurry to their assigned post, and their duties might vary, depending on the alert. Does your lookout detect 3 armed men approaching? A dozen? A small family with a cart? Practice your defense constantly. Place watchmen on the perimeter. Try go gain the element of surprise and overwhelming force. Watch your rear and flanks and expect the main thrust to come from one of those.

Also bear in mind that your positions and training might have been scouted out in advance by bad actors. A former tribe member might have sold you out, or even a current tribe member. Layer your defense and be creative. Remember to have one or more snipers in strategic locations, and teach them how to get to secondary firing positions without being observed by your attackers. How many of you have 2-way hand-held ham radios? How many of those radios are currently stored in a Faraday cage? Buy them cheap on Amazon, along with an adequate solar charger. Comm is vital.

Are you prepared to successfully engage an armed group in the dark? In the rain? Both? I expect most assaults against lightly fortified positions to occur in the wee hours of the morning. Personally, I prefer to strike around 4AM in the rain. Rain is an attackers friend, but unfortunately we cannot always have rain come with us.

Final note: dogs make good eating. Cats, too. And both breed quickly so if you don’t have a cow or sheep or goats or rabbits, find yourself some ******* and breed them as fast as they go into heat.

God foretold of these days, and the USA just might be the “Mystery Babylon” that collapses “in one hour” as specified in the Holy Bible. I expect sudden, catastrophic calamity on the USA, so I prepare for that. Pray for wisdom and understanding.