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I thought I did a lot this weekend, but after reading what some of you have done, maybe not. The garden area is going well, I’m fearful of all the canning we’ll be doing in the fall. Preparing the old horse pasture for planting tobacco, planted more corn for chicken feed too. I was in Oregon last weekend, went to a GIANT Army/Navy surplus store and bought stuff that would have cost a lot more ordering online. I bought a few army blankets “wool” $5.00 ea,some AR mags used for $9.00ea and a spool of para cord.
Some powdered butter? Wonder what that’s like? Anyway I’m already set, this is an instinctive thing, habit forming, this prepping thing is.
My newest thing is going to garage sales and buying broken hand tools, most of the time just replace wood handles or sharpen them. I must have 10 sledgehammers,12 axe’s and I lost count on picks and shovels. It’s a cheap hobby. Restoration can be fun…