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Got to chatting with a dude while waiting in a line. Guy was a truck driver for a company that hauls out manure from all the big horse farms around here. (Sad isn’t it that this has become a rather big business. They dump the manure in roll-offs and someone hauls it off). Anyway, guy told me this was a first for him. He just picked up a truck load (we are talking double axle dump truck like would hold 20 or more tons of gravel) of rabbit manure. Place sold meat rabbits for years – new owners – tearing down barns/sheds and turning in to ‘yard’!

Anyway – a dump truck load of aged rabbit manure – for $50! YEAH! (You can put rabbit manure directly on your garden – no aging required). Anyway, it goes for about $10-15 for a feed sack full around here. I generate my own but never have enough. To me, this is one big huge present! This will last me a good long while. Can never have enough manure stockpiled when you grow lots of stuff.

Serendipity. Love it.