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Well I live in NZ and can confirm that it has advantages for SHTF as it has low population and a nice climate. Think of it as California upside down, warm in the north, cold in the south, but with ocean on both sides. A “maritime climate”, and great for farming without the need for irrigation and in the north, mild winter. You are never too far from the ocean. Like California, we have earthquakes. NZ is a major food exporter so that will not be an issue. Firearms laws are reasonable compared to Australia and Europe.. but no handguns and AK47s.
However like Australia, MOST people live in cities esp Auckland, so there will still be problems there. Immigration to NZ is not easy unless you have a skill, and are young. Lots of Asians immigrating here in the last decade.. South Africans too.
I have lived in Samoa too…:-)… and tho I liked it, I would not recommend it. It is overpopulated and rather 3rd world in parts. They do not respect “property” too much. HOT… as you get older you do not handle the heat so well. Ownership of land is an issue.

Several people have written about the issue of being the “odd one out” in another land. In NZ white people are normal and english is the language. That is a big plus.