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They can’t have my guns, how about my middle finger. They can have that, would that be OK? Imagine what gun confiscation would look like? Even if they stopped all manufacturing in the U.S. theres already what 100 million guns here so….Really what’s the point? There is none, thats the point. Gun control is for the idiots that think that somehow less guns means less crime or somehow criminals will stop using guns. It’s for none of that, it’s a ploy to get the ignorant to vote for them. There is no real meaning to gun control, the vast majority of gun owners are never going to give them up. Blood on the streets will happen long before any roundups of that nature occur. They may want our guns but lead is what they’ll get. Let me ask you out there a simple question.. If you had to, could you make a gun? A single shot device that could gain you access to a gun belonging to the its previous owner, if you get my drift.