Stay safe Leopard. In South Africa I think you have just two modes of operation, alert and ready for the worst. Thanks for mentioning what you feed your dog just in case. How well does it help in case he got poisoned? What is commonly used to poision dogs in SA?

Jay, that is great to have Oloog tea from a local plantation, it must be cheap there. Here it is not cheap and sometime a little old. I love drinking all the teas, green, white, Oloog and black. Sometimes I use all four together.

It’s about 12 USD for a pound for the newly picked one with young leaves. Good value :)

Today we have a guy coming over who helps us to level some part of our land. We will have two terraces for the vegetable and herb garden. The land is just slightly sloped so getting part of it leveled was not really necessary but it helps preventing erosion and looks nice too.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")