Mr. Red
Mr. Red

I believe a wide scale cyber attack would be far more devastating than a small nuke or dirty bomb in a city or two. Those are localized events in which resources could be pulled from other areas.

With a large scale cyber attack against the power grid, communications, the internet, etc., that’d be nation wide. It means everyone is directly affected by what is going on. Within a couple days (or less for some areas) of no power and food/water running out, it’d be complete and utter chaos in many places. And when that happens, everyone can become a direct threat to you, which is pretty much the total opposite should we be talking about a suitcase nuke in a city nowhere close to your location.

Economically speaking, in the fragile world we live in a nuke or dirty bomb in a city which is an economic hub could create ripples that we may never really recover from, but I don’t see it as being the event which would thrust us into a collapse.

Sometimes I like to think about what the major event, or events, that will ultimately take place to put us into a big SHTF event will be, and when it’d happen. But then I realise that it’s rather pointless to have that ticking away in my mind. Whatever happens, whenever it happens, will happen, all I can do is make ready myself and my people.

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