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Leopard, I do not follow the news of South Africa but I can tell you that if they are Communist like the news article link then my friend I do know what that is about. They will not stop till they kill all that are in there way. You and the other good South Africans have only one way to win this and that is civil war and kill the Communist. If they win they will kill or put all that are not with them in jails.

This will not stop till this happens. Whirlibird is right that they are animals but these are Communist animals that if they take over power then it is over for your country. This doesn’t look very good my friend. Every time Communist take over it is for 40 to 60 years or more, look at history, Russia, look at Cuba Castro took power in 1957 and they are still there.

The goal is to not let them get power now.