All seem quite now. Thank you. Walked through the house to make sure they not diverting attention. My dog went missing for a while. Could not see him on camera’s. (I do not look through window’s) I got worried, could not find my silent whistle and opened one window (behind very bright security light facing towards the outside) – still not a good idea. Was glad he appeared within seconds. Gave him a piece of bread with butter and activated charcoal – just in case they try and poison him.

Still having trouble with a very fearless kitten attacking my feet… O well. At least I’ve got some company.

I’ve got friends to call and police do respond in my area. But you only phone with positive.. if you see them coming over the wall. Otherwise the police may not respond the next time. I am always armed. The problem is, the bad guys knows this. They will not come in asking nicely..