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I don’t keep any “advanced airways” in my kit. I may add a #3 and #4 LMA but still undecided. It is my opinion that if you need advanced airways in SHTF situation, you will not have a good chance of survival. More than likely you will be wasting valuable resources on someone that has no chance of real survival. Maybe I’m wrong in thinking that way, but I can’t help but think that they would be useless in that type of situation.

A LMA could give you more options without carrying more bulk (laryngoscope, different blades…etc). you would still need an O2 source and ambu bag to properly ventilate.

Again, in SHTF situation, I just think that it is a battle in futility if it comes down to advanced airways. I am the only one in my group that has any medical experience. If you have 2-3 experienced people in your group and have enough supplies to operate a “mini hospital”, my opinion is that would warrant that type of equipment. I know we all want to do everything we can for those we love, but sometimes that is not the right course to take in a bad situation.