Guys and gals..

I was thinking about this thread. While the weapon does matter, it’s the man more than the weapons.

I shall illustrate my point with a historical anecdote:

Late in WWII while the allies were pushing across Europe, the Germans threw their best guys against them, but trusted “the rear” to be held down by a bunch of old guys with obsolete weapons. These “old guys” were Forestmeisters, professional hunters, etc, and were not fit for front-line service, but they could still bear arms.

The Brits, thinking they would pull a fast one on the Germans, dropped paratroopers – the elite Green Devils – in the German “rear”… literally right on top of these “old guys”. Even though the British paras were much younger, much more fit and better armed and equipped than the old guys, those “old guys” shot the British paras to pieces with careful, aimed rifle fire. They handed the Brits their asses that day.

It’s the man more than the weapon. (No offense to any females… my wife is a fair hand with a rifle. I taught her… keeps me honest. :) ).

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1