You sure you all don’t live down the road from me? :)

Just watched my neighbor plant a couple 50 acres of tobacco… every year they plant, and every year they stop and offer to buy my truck, and every year I politely refuse and we pull a cork together… good people.

Hey Hillbilly… if you all make likker, just make the good stuff – corn likker – and not that sugar likker they got coming out of Atlanta. Good for degreasing truck and tractor parts, but sippin whiskey it ain’t. Popcorn Sutton would roll in his grave if he knew they were making that stuff…

Good call, bird-dogging those steel drums… now you got me wanting to lay in a supply. Don’t forget your coal oil… a 55 gallon blue drum is only a couple 300 bucks or so, delivered. Probably less if you source it locally. 55 gallons divided by 5 oil lamps = a pretty long time, I guess.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1