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Tsar I can assure you local agriculture in most places will not be enough to fill the gap from megafarms and imported produce/food. Except for the independent and small farms located where there is water and sun and warmth most of the growing year, think about it; it takes time to ramp up and plant more (assuming you have land ready to cultivate), then you have to wait for it to grow…..hope like hell mother nature doesn’t take your crop for one reason or another. Most independent and small farms rely on tractors and machinery too. They gonna have diesel, spare parts? They gonna have/find enough seed?

This is why it is important for you to learn to grow your own food – or as much of it as you can – based at first on the simplest diet that you will actually eat and still get the calories you will need. Hopefully these are easy to grow almost anywhere vegetables and fruits; and perhaps supplemented with whatever you can shoot/fish and eat. I wrote a post before on why I think people should begin now to simplify their diet.

I grow much of my own food now. What I can’t grow easily are many grains or enough grains to keep me in flour etc., and to keep too many additional animals that can’t survive (and still have energy to work in the case of horses) without at least some grain. I am field trialing growing rice now – but even if it works out it would not be enough for me to base my year round diet on rice. Grains take a lot of space to produce the volume presently being consumed by the average American every year.