@ Robin

The Italians – Pedersoli and Armi Sport – make a fine product. Some you can’t get elsewhere, like the Sharps Carbine the Texas Rangers used (in .50-70 and the non-historical .45-70). But I have found some things out about the Italians (Whirl, back me up on this)… the Italians just LOVE screws with verrrry thin slots for the screwdriver. It’s freaking annoying as hell when you have to wrench on an Italian gun and you get that verrrrry thin screwdriver slot… then you have to go and get a screwdriver and custom grind the tip to fit that damn slot so you can take the stinkin’ screw out… I know, I know… I’m just a crabby old fart, but it’s a pet peeve… and if it bugs me, then I know it bugs others… thin slots means the odds of you buggering up a screw head approach 1 – a virtual certainty.

If it were me (and it is) I would go with Shiloh Sharps. They make an outstanding rifle. Really top shelf. But be forewarned… you WILL pay for it. About the most useful Sharps I can think of would be the business rifle in plain vanilla. No fancy-schmancy wood or ebony tips or any of that superfluous stuff… just an honest rifle made of steel and black walnut. Good stuff. But, like I said, a Remington Rolling Block has a faster lock time, is a lighter rifle and, even though it doesn’t get the press of the Sharps, I feel it is a superior rifle. But, that’s just me.

@ 1974

Erm… a Colt Lightning? The revolver? Ehh… I was told once by my first smithy instructor that, and I quote “The Colt Lightning revolver has the dubious honor of being the worst revolver design in the history of mankind. If you find one that is working, it’s probably a complete accident.”

I have no reason to doubt him.

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