Hey Whirl,

I’m thinking you got yourself one of those issue rounds for the M1909 Colt – the round was never offered for commercial sale, only made to run in the ’09 revolver. Just spitballing, but that would my guess as to why it does not have an extractor groove.

The 73/76 is “cute”? Well, it ain’t the word I would use… and I got no problem with them. I’ve had that old 73 for about 20 years now, and I’m guessing it’s time to send it to Turnbull. I got the chops to do the metal and wood myself, but he’s got the damn roll stamps… and it’s not like 1873 Winchesters from the 19th century – the genuine article – are falling out of the sky. There is a finite amount of them, and I would rather see it as it was on Day 1.

The ’76 getting a “high pressure” round in it? Erm… just whom is loading the .45-75 or .50-95 with smokeless these days? So long as you stick to BP, there should be no issue. The 1886/71 is an outstanding rifle. I think the power you gain is worth the weight penalty. Look at it this way – I could buy an M4 and hang a bunch of useless tacti-crap on it until I have a 12 pound rifle that shoots a glorified .22 caliber bullet… or I can have a 9 pound rifle that throws bullets the size of ashtrays. There is no substitute for horsepower or cubic inches. I like big heavy rifles that throw big heavy bullets… but, that’s just me. Yeah, the Marlin is nice but… it ain’t a Winchester. I got nothing against Marlin… got an 1897 – the genuine article – in .22lr/long/short and a very early 39A. Both are accurate as hell, and I really like them. But… I told ya I got a soft spot in my heart for those Winchesters… nothing I can do bro… it is what it is.

If I want to hot rod something, I’ll buy a Remington roller No.1 action and build myself a buffalo gun.

So, if the M1877 is the “Short Colt” and the .45 Colt is actually the “Long Colt”, then what does that make the Schofield? Or the Casull for that matter? A .45 Super Long Colt? (actually, that sounds cool… I like it :) ). OH! I got it! Call the Casull the “.45 Colt Express”! An homage to the old express rounds of the late great 19th century… it sounds way, way classier than “Casull”. That’s just… bleah.

Interested in those articles… I used to get the gun comic books (Guns & Ammo, etc) back in the 80’s (remember that presidential grade engraved Henry someone found in a closet back in the 1980’s?) but haven’t read them for a long time… too busy, I guess.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1