The only thing I can add to the above excellent comments is “Know your limitations”.

– Take a long, hard, honest look at yourself. Figure out what your weaknesses are. Concentrate on improving those.
– Start small and build up.
– Don’t fall for the “tacticool” crap. If it’s stupid, but works, then it ain’t stupid. So, go with what works. It doesn’t have to be black and have velcro to work.
– Practice your fundamentals. Fire, shelter, food, water. Everything else will come after that.
– If you have to move, go as light as possible. Ounces equals pounds. Figure out what you need, and then dump everything else. (Always hated humping useless crap around the countryside…).
– Minimize your risks. Life is dangerous to a degree, but there are things we can do to minimize our risks… for instance, don’t do that (points at guy who got dead doing something remarkably stupid).
– A “Hero” is usually the guy who is responsible for getting a lot of other people killed…
– Try to look unimportant.
– Go armed. Always. Even to the toilet.

There’s more, but meh… I’m gonna write all this stuff down one of these days…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1